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 The Beer!

 Out of Beer. Out of friends. Duane Jaynes                                      

Hops or Rhizome Planting

You know the hops didn't do to well.

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Boston Brown: The brown is the nectar of the gods. The best part of the night was that Parker only fell going up one set of steps. Next batch we make we'll post pictures to go along with our process and a story.

Buckeye Light: A fine light beer without the heaviness of our other beer. Cheap! w/rice extract but, don't worry it will still give you the buzz you crave.


What the hell happened to the beer in my office? And who the hells drinking in the warehouse?

Weekly Hopets


Lets Face it we had to put them on here again.

We have it all from silly Grain pictures to the Hot Barley clothed.

1.Crockbonics == The Three Crockers Men language.

2.Hopet == A Good looking Girl.

3. Don't ever trust a guy with a 30 inch waist.

4.What do you say when you see A man that looks like a woman in  Hollywood on Sunset Strip. ==Its bad luck just seeing something like that. Randy Quaid

5. Jerk-off a short fat bulldog... A reply to question.

6. I do not have a BEER GUT - I has developed a LIQUID GRAIN STORAGE FACILITY.

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