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The Crockers Curse

 A year ago we developed Crockers Brewery's website, upon its completion our PC crashed leaving us without any way to retrieve our site. So it had been forgotten until this year. The long cold winter months reminded us that we need to get this site up. We were recently working on the new site when guess what the pc crashed but, luckily we keep back ups now. So it was only a minor set back. Now it's just know as the Crockers Curse. Damn you computer! As of 2/3/03 our great power company DP&L whacked my hard-drive during the power outage last night but, I make copies lots of cops the curse continues.

 The history behind how we got the name Crockers Brewery comes from killing and cooking your own treats. Much like Hank Williams Jr. explains in 'A country boy can survive'. The birthdates come from the day the Three Crockers Men decided to cook a turtle. It took quite a long to kill the thing because your truly was trying to strangle a thing that lives under the water. After this went on for a good ten minutes we just severed its head:)


 While cooking this robust beast our women remarked that we are always killing or making something like Davy Crocket and Betty Crocker. So with that in mind and the Three Crockers Men's strong German and cowboy ancestries we decided on the name the group Crockers Brewery with a name like that we could talk all day long to anyone about anything and where cool Crockers Brewery T-shirts.


 I hope you enjoy our website we will try to update it weekly if not more. The purpose of this website is to share with people what the Three Crockers Men's morals, experience and great times are about. Expect many great things to come.

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