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Caution: Just because you see a Mexican laying in his front doorway around noon with the lights in the house on and its 60 degrees outside then, a kid pulls up on a bike and you ask him "does he do that all the time?" and he replies " I never seen anything like that before." as he hurries off. DON'T call 911! Evidently they like to sleep in the door way. Just a little True story tip from the Three Crockers Men.

If you lend someone $20 and never see that person again, it was probably worth it.

UN-Favorite Links  websites we use but, Hate.


Static Rant

bulletEBAY It would be nice to go beat someone's ass for screwing you with the crap they sold you.
bulletWEBN I hate flash websites there only cool one time and it slow down loading of the actual page you want to see. Screw those Pop-Ups Also!  

Soon to come. Exciting Video of what to do with your 1336 plus drive. If its not working as originally thought and lightening didnít strike it in a room with ten other drives or thee others people say the exact opposite then hereís some ideas how to use this thing.


My Cable bill.



Pay Porno Sites.

Friends that don't have beer.

Soapy Beer Mugs

The fine print.

D-LINK's tech support.

I hate Flash sites.




Product Reviews

Alice in Chains

Take a look at some of things that has been bought by the Three Crockers Men. We posted our thoughts and reviews. Hardly anyone gave props to Alice in Chains Lead singers Layne Stanley's death. What a bunch of crap. AIC has sold just as many records as TLC. Mtv sucks for not giving Lane the notoriety he deserves.  Below is a link to AIC website. Alice in Chains Here's a autobiography on Layne. www.insidelayne.com

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